Svijet Dinosaurusa (World of Dinosaurs)

Through part of January and February, a dinosaur exhibition has been running and at the zoo, called Svijet Dinosaurausa.  We managed to get there on the last day and I’m really glad we managed to catch it, despite the crippling snow that has brought the country to a crawl, if not a standstill, in places.  In fact, in this case, I think the snow enhanced the exhibit as you will hopefully see from the photos below.

The extremely successful exhibition consisted of 52 life size exhibits reconstructed by the German Paleontological Research Center and the Museum of Palaeontology in Hanover.  Bit of a mouthful, eh?  I Googled this and got no results so maybe it’s a giant German trick!  Or maybe not *shrug*.  Anyway, the exhibit drew in big crowds, even in snowstorms, and was more than worth a look. 

Emma was cautious going into this exhibit as she’s not keen on big, scary dinosaurs.  Her last viewing of dinosaur skeletons and large mammal reconstructions was in Vienna a year ago and resulted in hysterical screaming (her at the dinosaurs and me at her) and the year before that, a similar outing to the American Museum of Natural History in NY provoked a similar result so we took the time to explain to her what we were going to see.  She knows that dinosaurs are extinct (I’ve just asked her when dinosaurs existed and she said “a hundred sixty thousand years ago and now they are extict because Fluffy (soft toy) told me so” Smile) and that the statues were NOT real and couldn’t hurt her.  She also loves The Land Before Time films so we were hoping for a less hysterical visit.

Turns out we were half right – the smaller / medium dinosaurs were fine, approachable, even cuddly at times but the bigger ones?  Total no go, completely to be avoided.  I guess to a little kid they were pretty scary plus this was progress for the child who had a meltdown at the Nemo ride at Disney Disappointed smile.  No, really.

The dinosaurs (and a few ancillary cast members) were spaced out all over the zoo and each had a sign next to it with name and description.  Unfortunately my rudimentary Bosnian does not stretch that far so we were relying on Emma to tell us the names, which all come via Land of Time.  Therefore we saw Long Necks, Triplehorns and Sharpteeth.  Very educational afternoon.

Try to ignore the fact in photos it appears like I was stalking other families and taking photos of them – the place was packed and Emma wouldn’t go near half the exhibits so I just had to take what shots I could.  Enjoy!


Long Neck.  Obviously.


Look into the eyes, not around the eyes, into the eyes.


Giddy up!




My, what sharp teeth you have…





Baby something running through the snow


One of the smaller and therefore harmless dinosaurs Emma was willing to go near



Bears and dinosaurs?  Really?  Are we skipping a few stages of evolution here?


Emma and two dinosaurs


No idea what this is


The scariest of all!  T-REX!  Don’t move – they can only see movement!  Jeff Goldblum said so in Jurassic Park.


I think it’s seen us…





It was a little snowy at the play park


Spike-a-saurus.  Probably.


*looks blank* 


What happened when Em tried to sit down on a bench


Aww, forlorn swings Sad smile


Woolly Mammoth! 



Baby Triplehorn having a rest in the snow



At the suggestion Emma take a turn climbing inside the T-Rex’s mouth to have her photo taken, she just turned and walked away.  Idiot parents.


*Another blank look*  I bet they made this one up out of the spare bones






Alister nearly blew several brain cells at the mere suggestion man co-existed with dinosaurs.  He has a similar reaction when I say “Jurassic Park could happen”.  That’s a Friends quote but it’s funny to see his eye start twitching uncontrollably. 


“Quick, Joe, start a fire, the dinosaurs are coming!”

“But Fred, where are your feet?  And shouldn’t you have a spear in that outstretched hand?”


It’s not every day you go to the zoo and see a dinosaur prowling around in the snow.


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