Happy International Women’s Day!

Good morning!  Regular readers may remember that last year, our first in BiH, we were taken by surprise one morning when we got to school to find all the parents giving the teachers flowers.  Being highly astute, with almost Holmes-esque  powers of deduction, we realised we were missing something important.  What was it?  It was, of course, International Women’s Day – see link to last year’s blog post: International Women’s Day 2011.

We vowed this year not to be caught unawares and have been reminding each other for at least three weeks to be prepared, mainly as we wanted to get involved in thanking the lovely teachers at Emma’s school for all their kindness towards us, the bumbling foreigners, over the last year.  So last night we bought individual flowers for the four teachers and cook, carefully stored them in my travel coffee cup (no coffee included, just water) and this morning, Emma proudly carried them into school:

photo (5)

Here she is on the way to school on this chilly morning

photo (4)

Presenting the flowers to her two favourite teachers: Senada on the right and Amala on the left  Open-mouthed smile

As for me, I was awoken with a bag shoved in my face containing cards from Emma and Alister and a nice box of chocolates – pretty good way to wake up if you ask me.  I was with the two of them last night when they popped to the shops and in order to maintain the surprise, I was ordered to sit on a bench while they rushed around for something suitable.  Upon emerging from the shop, Emma grinned proudly at me, toting a carrier bag and warningly (and repeatedly) said to me: “this is not for you, don’t look at it.  Don’t look!  It’s not for you anyway.”   She has a future in deception, I feel.  This morning at school she assured me she’d have a surprise for me later.  I hope it’s not a dead spider.  Or a live one.

Alister has gotten in on the act by taking chocolates in to work for the women in his team.  As he’s given up chocolate for Lent, there’s no ulterior motive there Winking smile.  When I walk around town later, I will see lots of impromptu flower stalls that have sprung up on street corners, women carrying flowers and men looking confused before the date clicks with them.  All the flowers on display are actually a very pretty sight, particularly as spring as yet to hit us and we’ve not seen any snowdrops, crocuses or daffodils.

So Happy International Women’s Day to all the lovey women in our life, across the world.  A special shout out to Olga and Maya, whom I know will also be celebrating when they wake up in their part of the world Red rose.



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  1. Mad Russian said,

    03/08/2012 at 14:52

    Поздравляю с 8 Марта!!! Thanks, darling, for the special mention and I hope your surprise from Emma is a super one!!!

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